Pindul Cave
Pindul Cave

3 Amazing Destinations Travel in Indonesia for Your Marvelous Holiday

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3 Amazing Destinations Travel in Indonesia for Your Marvelous Holiday – Holiday is a wonderful thing wait for everyone. Everyone needs a holiday to relax their mind for daily routine. Indonesia is a wonderful country with so many beautiful islands. Many islands in Indonesia become an amazing destination to spend your holiday.

It is not only Indonesian like to spend their holiday in some islands such Lombok, Bali, Belitung, and etc. but also many foreigners come to Indonesia to spend their holiday. Besides, Indonesia also has some cities which are crowded with so many activities inside. For you who want to spend your holiday in Indonesia, here some recommendations place for you.


Amazing Destination in Indonesia

Do not worry to come to Indonesia. You will be happy to spend your holiday in Indonesia. Take your weekend and long holiday with your family in excellent places. Well, here some beautiful places in Indonesia can you visit.

  1. Yogyakarta
    Yogyakarta becomes one of the large city in Indonesia. You can find many attractive tourism objects there. There are various objects such as historical tour, natural tourism, recreational tourism, and many others.To do a historical tour, you can go to some museums, temples, monuments, etc. To do natural tourism, you can go to some hills, rivers, mountains, and etc. To do recreational tourism, you can go to a fantasy world or etc.

    You can do many things there such as rafting, swimming, climbing, and so on. Look how fresh to play in the cool water at Pindul Cave below!

    Travel to Indonesia
    Pindul Cave
  2. Bali Island
    It is not difficult to know that Bali is the most wonderful island in Indonesia. Many people around the world know Bali island. This charming island is always exciting with so many nice beaches there. You can find many traditional attractions, nice lifestyle, stunning view of sunset and sunrise, and others.A lot of hotels can be your nice home in Bali.It is not only in a day but also in the night you can enjoy some tourism objects in Bali. Come to see nice traditional dancing in the night. In the day, there are a lot of activities can you do such as playing on the beach, sunbathing, or just walk to see how green and fresh Bali island.

    All of them can you get in your holiday at nature this Dewata Island. So, are you interested in visiting there? See how amazing the view of Bedugul Lake in a picture below!

    Travel to Indonesia
    Bedugul Lake, Bali
  3. Jakarta
    Many people say that Jakarta becomes the most crowded city in Indonesia. Yes, that is right. However, it is not an impossible thing to do traveling in Jakarta. As the big city, Jakarta has many tourism objects too. Yes, you can find high buildings with so many activities inside. Actually, there are a lot of tourism objects too.You can spend your special holiday with so many exciting events inside.In particular time, there will be festivals to see. Are you a shopaholic? It is perfect for you to come to Jakarta.

    There are many nice places to spend your free time to do shopping. Besides, there is some marvelous recreational area such as Fantasy world. It will be amazing to go there with your family. See how lovely this crowded city at night.

    Travel to Indonesia
    Jakarta, crowded city at night

Those are 3 amazing holiday destination can you visit in Indonesia. Enjoy your time in Indonesia and happy holiday!