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3 Interesting Things Nearby Sanur Beach

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3 Interesting Things Nearby Sanur BeachLooking for a calming and quite relaxing beach in Bali, Sanur beach is the place to go. Sanur is the southeast coast of Bali island. This beach is popular for its long, white sandy beach; the coastline is 5-km long. It also has a different atmosphere of the village. Sanur beach is one of the primary water sports centers in this island. For your entertainment, there are a lot of restaurants, resorts, bars, and shopping markets nearby the beach.

The location of Sanur beach is about 10 kilometers from Kuta beach and from Ngurah Rai International Airport in South Bali is about 18 kilometers. The main reason people to go to Sanur is to enjoy the water sports activity with the family. Besides that, you can do shopping, and enjoy some traditional culinary from Bali.

Of course, the main attraction of the Sanur is the exotic beach sight and the water sports, but there’s nothing wrong with visiting other interesting attraction nearby.

Here are three of the most interesting things to see nearby Sanur beach:

  1. International Kite Festival
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    International Kite Festival

    If you visit Sanur beach in the month of July, you will have a great chance to attend and witness one of the most popular Bali festivals. There will be so many beautiful and unique kites from around the world.

    This festival will be held at Padang Galak beach which is located near Sanur beach. For Balinese, flying kites in the sky are sending messages to gods and hoping for blessings to the people with prosperity and health. It would be awesome to witness many kites are flown in the sky and make the sky more colorful.

  1. Le Mayeur Museum
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    Le Mayeur Museum

    If you want something more artistic and historic, the museum is the best place to visit. It is a museum after the name of Bali’s first expatriate residents, Adrien Jean Le Mayeur. Le Mayeur was born in 1880 and died in 1958; he arrived in Bali in 1932 when he was 52. He married the most popular Legong dancer in 1935, Ni Pollok.

    The museum once is his house, when he was living in it, he painted his wife, Ni Pollok. This museum is made in memory of Le Mayeur. There are about 80 paintings created by Le Mayeur exhibited here. For you who are into paintings, you must visit this museum when you are in Sanur.

  1. Krishna Restaurant
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    Krishna Restaurant

    Finally, food is the crucial part of a tour. You must taste the original culinary from the place you visit. If you want to eat some best Balinese food when you are in Sanur, you need to visit Krishna restaurant. It is located in Kutat Lestari Street.

    It serves a lot of Balinese food such as fish satay, lawar, betutu chicken, and much more. You can serve yourself with the food because it’s a buffet bar. You can just pick what foods you want to fill up your plate. The price of foods in this restaurant is affordable, so it is pretty recommended for backpackers.