4 Interesting Places in Monas

4 Interesting Places in Monas

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4 Interesting Places in MonasIndonesia has so many interesting places to visit. You can go to some islands in Indonesia. One of an amazing city in Indonesia is Jakarta.

Jakarta is a crowded city with so many interesting places inside. It is not the only metropolitan city, but also you can find wonderful things there. Well, Monas is one of an amazing city to visit.

Actually, it is a Jakarta Monument which is well known by Monas. Monas is the icon and the symbol of Jakarta. So, do not forget to visit this place if you come to Jakarta.

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There are many places you can do in Jakarta. Also, so many activities you can do happily in Jakarta. You can go there with your family and your friends. The place is so wide so that you can relax your mind there. Also, the interesting places there can be the beautiful place to come.

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Amazing Places in Jakarta Monument

Well, you will not get bored in spending your time in Jakarta. Here some interesting places to do interesting activities in Monas.

• Enjoying the Museum in Cowan Monas
It is a part of Jakarta Monument. You can see many historical things in Indonesia in this Museum. There are so many dioramas which are explained about the history of Indonesia Freedom.

You can find the locket in front of Monas. The price to come is not too high. Go there at 8 a.m. in the morning to 4 p.m in the afternoon.

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Museum in Monas

• Enjoying Elephant Museum
Although this museum is named by Elephant Museum, it is not related to the elephant. However, you can find the statue of Elephant which is the contribution of Chulalongkorn King from Thailand in 1817.

For you who have many times in Monas, you can enjoy this Museum. The location is not far from Monas. You can find many collections in Elephant Museum.

• Spending your time in Monas
It is the most enjoyable activity you can do in Monas. This place is crowded with many people. In the weekend, you can enjoy morning event in Monas because there will be car free day. You can visit Jakarta without smoke in Monas in the weekend.

You can do cycling, playing with your kids, and enjoying traditional food as the best culinary in Jakarta. So, are you interested in going there?

• Enjoying Jakarta from the top of Monas
Well, you can go to the top of Monas to see the wonderful Jakarta. To go the top of Monas, you can pay more. But, it is not too expensive. You just need to pay ten thousands rupiah. You will go up with comfortable lift.

In the top of Monas, see Wonderful Jakarta with the telescope. If you go to Monas, you should come to the top of Monas. It will be the memorable moment for you.

If you are in Jakarta now, you can go to the Monument of Indonesia to enjoy your day with your family. Do not forget to come to the top of Monas to get a memorable moment in enjoying Wonderful Jakarta from the high.