5 Top Great Interesting Places in Pacitan East Java
Gong Cave

5 Top Great Interesting Places in Pacitan East Java

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5 Top Great Interesting Places in Pacitan East JavaPacitan is a city in East Java, Indonesia. You will find some interesting tourism objects there. If you have the plan to have a vacation, and then you feel confused where will to go, going to Pacitan can be a very good idea.

This is because there are five great interesting places to visit.

1. Gong Cave

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Gong Cave

Not only beach, but also there is the natural place like Gong Cave. This cave is so unique and exciting. The length of this cave is 300 meters. It is located in Bomo Village, Punung District, Pacitan.

The journey to go to this place will be so interesting. This is because you will see that there is the beautiful view of the road.

2. Klayar Beach

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Klayar Beach

To have relaxed, you can go to Klayar Beach. The beach is located in Donorejo, Pacitan. From Surabaya City, it needs the time for about one hour.

Klayar Beach has some beautiful views. White sand, high wave, and natural fountains are available. There is also the stretch of rocks makes this beach being more attractive.

3. Tabuhan Cave

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Tabuhan Cave

Besides Gong Cave, there is Tabuhan Cave in Pacitan. The location is not far from Gong Cave. So, you can visit those caves in the same day. It is in Tabuhan Village, Punug District, Pacitan. Some local people agree that two-cave were from some hundred years ago. The length of this cave can be about 7 meters in diameter up to 1 meter. It looks like the giant pillar that is charming.

4. Srau Beach

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Srau Beach

This is a hidden beach, so it is still natural. The air is very fresh. It can be said that this beach as the most beautiful beach in Java Island. The location of this beach is Candi, Pringkuku. It is about 25 km from Pacitan. When you go to this beach, you will get three great things from this place.

Firstly, Srau Beach has one area white sand and great wave. The next area, the sand is rather rugged with some rocks so you can play the water comfortably. The last area, there is no sand. There are rocks you can use for sitting while enjoying the beautiful beach.

5. Watu Karung Beach

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Watu Karung Beach

There is the lovely beach in Pacitan. It is precisely in Pringkukung. Well, it is a hidden beach, so you need to struggle if you want to go there. Your effort will be given by the beautiful beach. The sea in green color and white sand makes you feel amazed.

There, you can eat fresh fish from the fish directly. The taste is so delicious with low price. Besides that, the visitor can get surfing because this beach has the good wave. For that, it is suitable for doing this activity.

Those are some interesting places you can visit when having the plan to go to Pacitan. Make sure, your vacation will be interesting and exciting. The last, don’t forget to plan for bringing the important things for having the holiday.