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A Trip to Batu Jonggol Mount

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If you have free time and want to have an interesting adventure, it is best to try trekking the mountain. There are many famous mountains exist around the world. Batu Jonggol Mount has been one of the challenging mountains exists in Indonesia. This mountain is located on Jonggol, Bogor.

Batu Jonggol Mount is close to Jakarta; it is around two hours. Of course, to get to the peak of the mountain, you need to walk a long distance for about half an hour. The road is not easy as you think because there is a very steep slope to face. Also, the stones might create the difficulty to the climbers. Even though, people want to trek this challenging mount.

About Batu Jonggol Mount

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People become interested in visiting Batu Jonggol Mount because of several reasons. Here are the reasons why this mount is suggested to trek.

  1. Beautiful scenery. It is true that to climb Batu mount is not as easy as everyone thinks. However, once you have reached the peak of the mountain, you will get amazed by seeing the beautiful scenery from the mount top. If you are lucky, the fog disappears, you might see the breathtaking display at a 360-degree angle.
  2. Fresh air. In this recent time, the fresh air is difficult to breathe because the chemical pollutes almost the air. In Jonggol mount, you can enjoy the land scenery while breathing the fresh air which is good for your health.
  3. Sunlight. Whenever talking about seeing the sunlight and sunset, you must think of the beach, right? It is possible to see the sunlight from the mountain peak. This must be better because you can see the sunlight closer.
  4. Animals. Watch many wild animals like monkey, deer, lions, etc. from the mountain top. Sometimes, the monkey could be close to you; even asking you for bananas or any other fruits.

What to consider

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If you are about to go trekking the Batu Jonggol Mount, you need to mention many things below.

  1. Food and drink. Even though there will be many posts available to rest, there will be no food and drink offers. Therefore, you need to bring your own food like bread, noodle, sausages, snacks, sweets or candies and drink like a soft drink or mineral water.
  2. Friends. Even if you are a man, not a girl, you still need to bring friends because of the dangerous road. With the help of your friends, you can successfully reach the mountain peak without feeling too tired.
  3. Time. It is really important to decide the right time before you start trekking the Jonggol mount. If you go there during the rainy season, the road will be even hard to across. It will also be slippery that might be possible to make you fall. Therefore, the dry season becomes the best time to trek the mount.
  4. Equipment. Bring completed equipment including the sunglasses, rope and warmer clothes. Bring the tent if you want to have a camp by the mountain. At night or even in the morning, there are many insects exist so that you need to prepare the lotion, too.

In the end, trekking Batu Jonggol Mount must be good to do since you can also exercise your body.