Amazing Gili Island
Gili Island

Amazing Gili Island

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Amazing Gili Island – Talking about the best party islands exist in South-East Asia, Gili Island has to be one of those islands. This island is located in Lombok, Indonesia. There, not only Indonesian native people but also tourist enjoy the scenery of that island.

Actually, there are many beautiful party island you might visit, but Gili Island is not only beautiful but also amazing because it offers many things you are able to do and enjoy once you have been there.


Things you can do on Gili Island

There are several reasons for why you have to choose Gili Island. Here are reasons why Gili Island is being chosen by people.

  1. Enjoy cycling.
    Have you ever imagined about cycling around the Gili while seeing beautiful beaches’ scenery all time? Well, that must be very enjoyable for sure. There, in Gili, you can rent the bike for two to three hours for a reasonable price.

    Amazing Gili Island
    Gili Island
  2. Surfing, diving, and snorkeling.
    Feel free to go diving or snorkeling in the water to see the underworld of the sea. In Gili, there are many sea animals in different species exist and live in the coral reef. If you are unable to dive, you can take a diving lesson at Gili, even though you are a beginner.

    Amazing Gili Island
    Gili Island
  3. SUP sport.
    At Gili, there is a popular game where everyone likes to play, SUP. SUP stands for Stand up paddling. To play this game, you need to look for the small boat or canoe. Playing SUP sport is not easy so that you need a guide.
  4. Fishing.
    If you love fishing, then, you can go to Gili Island. Experience fishing the giant fish by your own self. You are allowed to grill the fresh fish you have caught; make it barbecued. Well, if you want to go fishing, you need to rent the boat first so that everything will be prepared as well.


Good things at Gili Island

At Gili Island, you would get several good things which might be an unforgettable moment to experience.

  1. Party.
    Gili is the best island for the party. Every day, you can enjoy the different party; Monday for Blue Marlin, Wednesday for the Irish Pub or Tir Na Nog, and Friday for Rudy’s. Enjoy your party by going to your favorite bar available in many famous bands.
  2. Different activity.
    In a Gili Island, you can get several various activities like the dancing, making jewelry, etc. Make sure you go to Gili in a right time during the May for avoiding the island from being crowded by the visitors.
  3. Affordable.
    When you go on vacation, of course, you will select the place where is accessible and cheap. Gili Island is the famous party island which requires less money. Therefore, it is good to choose by you whose budget is limited.
  4. Special foods.
    It is a must for you who are the food-freak to go to Gili Island because it offers special foods like mushroom pizza, bakwan, sate, etc.

That’s all about Gili Island which might be useful for you who are about to visit this Island soon.