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Attractive Selong Belanak Beach

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Attractive Selong Belanak Beach – Do you love spending your free time in a place like a beach? Then, why don’t you consider visiting the local beach like Sire? Selong Belanak Beach is one of worth beaches to visit by both domestic and foreign people. This beach is loved by people globally because it offers them beautiful scenery which not all beaches have.

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The Selong Belanak Beach, of course, is located in Belanak village, Central Lombok, Indonesia. Selong Belanak Beach is known for its jungle landscape which offers the fresh air to breathe in.

Selong Belanak Beach attractions

Selong Belanak beach must have such definite attractions that make people are interested and want to visit this beach. Here are the attractions of Sire.

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  1. Beautiful view. Imagine that you are in a place where coconut trees and cool white sand exist. You must be very happy, right? Moreover, the blue sea of this beach is a great view that you can enjoy. Also, you may enjoy seeing the sunset on this Sire beach freely.
  2. Sport. It is possible for you to do a sport once you want it. You could do a sport like jogging along the beach line. If you want to do a team sport, you might play volleyball. Usually, there is a spot to volley. Even, the net sometimes has been installed on this beach.
  3. Diving and snorkeling. If you wish to see the scenery underwater, you must go diving or snorkeling. Selong Belanak Beach offers many colorful coral reefs in different species. Snorkeling at this beach is very pleasant because its water is warm and you also would be able to see various sea animals like fish, starfish, shrimp, etc.
  4. Spa. Well, the spa is also one of the attractions at Selong Belanak Beach. If you love being massaged, you need to come to the spa. There, you will have a special treatment which can make your body relaxed and fresh again.


Additional info about Selong Belanak Beach

Well, before visiting Selong Belanak Beach, you may need to know the info about it first. Here is a bit info which explains this beach.

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  1. Wave.
    Sometimes, people love a beach which has a strong wave. Selong Belanak Beach has a calm, weak wave which can be useful, too. At Sire, you can rent the local small boat and go fishing with your family to strengthen your bond.
  2. Food.
    Because Selong Belanak is kind of a beach, you must see many people offer the seafood like crab, fish, shrimp, octopus, etc. to sell. However, there are also local foods you can taste including grilled chicken and Bebek Betutu. Most of the foods are spicy so that if you are a foreign person, you can ask the cook not to cook spicy foods.
  3. People.
    Selong Belanak Beach is a very well-known beach in Lombok. Therefore, when it comes to the holiday, people begin visiting this beach. Of course, the beach will be full of people. The crowded place must not be enjoyable so that you must think about not to go to this beach on holiday.
  4. Mountain.
    Do you know Mount Rinjani, one of the largest mount in Asia which is located in Indonesia? Well, if you are afraid of climbing the mount, you might go to this Selong Belanak Beach because you can see the view of Mount Rinjani there.

Selong Belanak Beach has to be one of the Indonesian beaches which you must consider to visit because it offers you several attractions.