Beautiful Sara Besar Beach
Sara Besar Beach

Beautiful Sara Besar Beach

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Beautiful Sara Besar BeachSara Besar Beach has been categorized as a place where people especially the travelers must visit. This destination might make you spend a lot of money, but once you have arrived there, you will never regret it because it has a stunning view of the beach.

The fact, Sara Besar Beach is located near the Talaud Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is pretty far that you have to go there by plane. Sara Beach actually is in Sara Island which becomes the inhabitant island so that this beach might not be crowded.

Beautiful Sara Besar Beach
Sara Besar Beach

Sara Besar Beach fascination

Beautiful Sara Besar Beach
Sara Besar Beach Snorkeling

If you ever questioned why Sara Besar beach becomes one of a very famous beach, you need to read about this island’s charm below.

  1. Beautiful view
    Sara Beach has clear light blue seawater which might sometimes change its color into the turquoise to the deep blue one. The sand there is white, and you know what, it is really soft to touch. Simply by sitting on the beach, you can enjoy the scenery of Sara beach.
  2. Snorkeling and swimming
    You might go swimming or snorkeling at Sara beach, of course, using the sufficient gear. Sadly, there is no something special about the underwater scenery of this beach because of the existence of plastic wrap. Therefore, you could just see little fish there.
  3. Sunset
    If you would like to see the sunset; then why not make your wish comes true? All you need to do is getting up in the early morning at dawn because the sunset will disappear soon. Enjoy the sunset with your lovers if it is possible.
  4. Foods and beverages
    There are many food stalls offer the smoked seafood like fish, shrimp, crab or octopus. Yet, you can also find traditional local foods and drink including Sate, Wedang Jahe, Pecel, Bordjo, Soto, etc.


Things to notice

If you are about to go to Sara Besar beach, you must see about several things below which will be explained as well.

  1. Snorkeling gear
    When you are about to go swimming, diving or snorkeling, you must wear the completed gear to avoid something bad happened. Unfortunately, the local people do not rent the snorkeling gear, almost everyone. Therefore, you need to bring your own equipment.
  2. Waste
    According to the local people, most of the Indonesian visitors always throw the waste to the beach; makes it dirty. Like a good traveler, it is a must to keep your manner by not littering. Bring your own plastic or paper bag to save your waste contemporary.
  3. Time
    Well, if you have decided to go swimming or snorkeling, it is best to do it in the morning. Why not about the afternoon? This is because the wave could be very tricky. It might be calm, but suddenly, it turns to be unyielding. Therefore, it is safe not to swim or dive in the afternoon.

In the end, actually, in Sara Besar beach, there are still many unmentioned beautiful attractions that can be very challenging to anyone including you so that you need to search the info of it.