Best Diving Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat

Best Diving Raja Ampat

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Best Diving Raja AmpatIndonesia has been doing well in promoting many tourism destination and resorts. Raja Ampat is one of the destinations which might be best. This travel destination is located in Papua. Diving Raja Ampat becomes the tourism resort offered there.

Diving Raja Ampat is the activity where people, not only Indonesian but also foreign people, are interested in doing. This happens because Raja Ampat has such natural sea world with more than 1,300 species of coral reef exist.

About Raja Ampat

If you have no idea about what Raja Ampat is, here is information related to diving Raja Ampat which may be useful.

  1. Enter sea species.
    People love diving in Raja Ampat because it has many sea species to see; the species’ amount exist is 600 coral species, 1,200 fish species, and 699 mollusk species. It is nice to take the underwater photographs there.
  2. Uninhabited islands.
    Same as its name, Raja Ampat, has four main islands which all are uninhabited yet. The islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. This must be great for anyone who wants to have such a challenging adventure in Raja Ampat because its place is kind of difficult travel destination.

    Best Diving Raja Ampat
    Raja Ampat
  3. Seafood.
    Most of the food stalls in Raja Ampat offer the seafood to sell at an affordable price. This occurs because this place consists of not only land but also the sea. You might be able to go fishing by your own self and cook your fresh fish on a barbecue. Well, in Raja Ampat, you can also taste the special foods including sago, rice, taro roots, Mumu, Kau Kau, or Papeda.

    Best Diving Raja Ampat-Culinary
    Raja Ampat Culinary
  4. Mangrove.
    Even though diving is a very popular resort in Raja Ampat, you might find another great beauty like mangrove, white sandy beach or even the seagrass bed there. It is possible to find the birds’ life or kangaroo, even the wild orchid since in the islands, there are many trees exist as well.

    Best Diving Raja Ampat-Mangrove
    Raja Ampat Mangrove

Things to pay attention

Once you want to experience diving Raja Ampat, you must pay attention to many things which will be explained as well below.

  1. It is not for a beginner
    Sometimes, even though you are a beginner, you are allowed to dive but not in Raja Ampat. This is because its depth is around five to forty meters. As a beginner, you must not enjoy diving since you will focus on the diving itself, not on the beauty of the sea.
  2. Diving season
    If you really want to go diving, you need to think of the best season. It is a no-no to dive during the rainy season around in July to December because the wind and wave will be unyielding.
  3. Accompany
    Do not dive alone. Even though the sea is beautiful, it may be dangerous, too since the dangerous fish species like sharks are there. Therefore, you need to ask for the expert to accompany you when you want to dive in Raja Ampat.

After reading the information of diving Raja Ampat, hopefully, you know what to and not to do.