Come to Beautiful Kakaban Island
Kakaban Island

Come to Beautiful Kakaban Island

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Come to Beautiful Kakaban IslandThe people who enjoy having an unusual journey should have thought about going to Indonesia to have such great exciting destinations. There are many attractive destinations in Indonesia that you have to visit. Kakaban Island, for instance, is one of the great destinations exists in Indonesia.

Come to Beautiful Kakaban Island
Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island has to be the place that people love because this island has rich sea animal diversity that has even been famous among people in this world. This island becomes a part of Derawan island that is located in East Borneo, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

About Kakaban Island

You need to before you visit the island, know the detailed information about Kakaban island that, so that might know what to do once you get there. Here is the information about this island.

  1. World Heritage nomination.
    UNESCO, on its site, has written that this island is considered as the world heritage because it has hundreds of various species of the coral reef, fish, crustaceans, and jellyfish. There, you are able to swim with millions of jellyfish without being afraid of getting hurt since the jellyfish there are harmless.
  2. Beautiful scenery.
    Kakaban Island is only popular because of its endemic jellyfish but also its scenery. There, you would find beautiful scenery including seeing the mangroves, palm trees, clear milky lake, colorful sponges, etc. Of course, you will be able to do the activity like snorkeling and snorkeling just to touch the jellyfish or other sea animals directly with your hand.
  3. Seafood.
    Most of the food stalls provide the fresh seafood like crab, fish, shrimps, etc. to sell to people. That is because this island is rich in sea animals so that people begin to catch them to eat. Do not be worried about finding it expensive. All seafood are sold at reasonable price.
  4. Raja Ampat part.
    Do you remember that Raja Ampat is the island that derived from four islands? Yep, Kakaban Island is one of the islands that becomes the part of Raja Ampat island. You can enjoy for swimming with Jellyfish. Therefore, this island is near from the other islands so that you can go to Maratua or Sangalaki island quickly.

    Come to Beautiful Kakaban Island
    Jellyfish, Kakaban Island


Things you need to pay attention to.

If you do want to visit Kakaban Island, you must notice several things. Here are things that you have to pay attention before you get there.

  1. Sunblock.
    Many people who start diving and snorkeling in Kakaban Island always use the sunblock to avoid them from getting burned by the sunlight. However, using the sunblock may pollute the water. That is why it is wise not to use sunblock.
  2. No jumping from the priers.
    Well, jumping is not allowed because it may cause the stress and shock to the sea creatures. You can go swimming, diving, or snorkeling without needing to jump to the lake, right?
  3. Best time.
    If you are serious about to visit this Kakaban island as your holiday destination, please do not go there on the weekend. This is because, on the weekend, there are so many people there. Of course, the place will be crowded, and you will not enjoy it.

After reading the information about Kakaban Island, hopefully, you will have an idea of what you will do there.