Five Top Bali Beaches
Balangan beach

Five Top Bali Beaches

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Five Top Bali BeachesIndonesia is well-known of having many beautiful places to visit. Many Indonesian destinations have been categorized as a worldwide like the beaches in Bali. Because of that, many tourists are interested in spending their time on holiday to see the top Bali beaches which might be the best unknown exotic type of Indonesian beaches.

Top Bali beaches must be the keyword which is always searched off by people once they are online. Actually, there are many beaches in Bali which would be the best option for anyone else to visit.


Five best Bali beaches

Exactly, you might not believe that actually there are many amazing destinations in Indonesia which are untouchable yet. Here is the information about top Bali beaches which still people purely have not known.

  1. Balangan Beach.
    If you love spending time in a secret place, you need to get here to Balangan beach. This beach location is across the Uluwatu. Balangan beach is pretty quiet and small but has high waves which might be good for surfing but not swimming.

    Five Top Bali Beaches
    Balangan Beach
  2. Geger Beach.
    This beach is a little bit unique because it has white sand which would glisten through the sun lights. Geger beach becomes very necessary for most of the seaweed farmers since they are reporting a bumper harvest there. The cool look and the new temple exist makes Geger beach is worth to see.

    Five Top Bali Beaches
    Geger Beach
  3. Lovina beach.
    This beach has not been famous yet but has several nice sides. The sand which is black, for instance, exists because of the lava of Mount Agung volcanic eruption. Lovina beach is calm so that it ‘s nice to swim to catch the fish. Sometimes, the Dolphins appear on this beach; it makes people want to see.

    Five Top Bali Beaches
    Lovina Beach
  4. Dream Beach.
    Same as its name, dream, it is like a dream to see this beach because this beach is stunning and clean; there is almost no garbage there. In this beach, there is a small island named Lembongan exists. Find the spot to sit and enjoy the beauty of dream beach with your friends.

    Five Top Bali Beaches
    Dream Beach
  5. Pandawa Beach.
    If you are going to experience the religious parade of Hindu-Balinese celebration, you’d better go to Pandawa Beach. This beach is kind of popular among people because it has water sport to play.

    Five Top Bali Beaches
    Pandawa Beach

Tips to visit Bali beaches

Here are tips that you have to notice before visiting top Bali beaches to have a nice, cheap vacation.

  1. Budget.
    Budget plays a significant role in choosing the place for vacation. If your budget is limited, it is better to go to the nearest place. Yet, if you have much money, you might visit the destination which is far from home.
  2. Family members.
    If you are about to go vacation with the members of your family, you need to discuss the place to go. Of course, sometimes, some members want to go traveling in the place they want. Make sure you discuss it so that they can enjoy the vacation well.
  3. Clothes.
    Are you going to go to the beach for sunbathing or swimming? Well, make sure you choose the suitable clothes which suit your plan well.
  4. Vehicle.
    If you are going to save money, it is better to use your own car. Yet, if you do not have any vehicle, you need to consider to take the public vehicle like the bus rather than the private one like a taxi.

Top Bali beaches info which has been mentioned before might be useful information for you who want to take a trip to the beach in Bali.