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Having Exciting Road Trip to Cirebon

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Having Exciting Road Trip to CirebonWell, having a journey could be an enjoyable activity to do when you have free time, or you have a long holiday. Usually, people go to the famous destinations to visit. Yet, there are also some who choose the road trip. Road trip to Cirebon could be the great idea to do if you have not visited Cirebon yet.

Same as the other road trips, the road trip to Cirebon must be very fun but tiring because you make the journey by using your own vehicle; it means that you drive your car by your own self to Cirebon. Well, road trip does not mean you will go alone because you may ask for your friends to accompany you.

Travel to Indonesia
Trip to Cirebon

What are things to do in Cirebon?

The road trip to Cirebon will start at the beginning of your journey, when you leave your city, and end after you arrive in Cirebon. Anyway, once you have been in Cirebon, you can have a trip there.

  1. Walisongo Cemetery.
    In Cirebon, there is the cemetery of Sunan Gunung Jati, one of Walisongo members. Most of Muslims visit this place; you can spend your time to go there, too if you wish.
  2. Cirebon Water land Ade Irma Suryani.
    Do you like playing on the water land? Then, you need to go to this water land. Get prepared of your adrenalin when you want to try this water land because it is very long and high.

    Travel to Indonesia
    Trip to Cirebon
  3. Gronggong hill.
    If you wish to enjoy the calm, clear, and peaceful place, you can simply go to Gronggong hill. There, you can see beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air. It is also possible to see the city of Cirebon from this hill.
  4. Delicious local food.
    If you love the culinary delights of Cirebon, you must try empal gentong, laksana pepes, bebek asap, cumi item, sambal, and nasi goreng special. These foods are delicious because they are being cooked with many seasonings and spices.


Things to mention

If you would like to have a road trip to Cirebon, you need to notice of many things before. Here are things you need to mention.

  1. Energy.
    Having a road trip must be very exhausting. Therefore, you need to reboot your energy by stopping your car in the rest area. Buy and eat foods or drinks once you feel hungry or thirsty. You can sleep for a while if it is needed.
  2. Safety.
    Driving on the road might be dangerous if you are careless about your safety procedure. Use your seat belt if you drive a car, or helmet if you ride a motorbike. Make sure you are not sleepy while driving your vehicle because it may danger your life.
  3. Cash and ATM or credit card.
    You need to bring not only ATM but also cash because you will be asked to pay the toll by the toll officer. You also need to buy the benzene or petroleum when it runs out.
  4. Phone.
    Well, it is okay bringing the phone to contact your family or friend in Cirebon. Yet, while driving the car, you are not allowed to use the phone to avoid such terrible thing happens.

Road trip to Cirebon could be both pleasurable and safe as well as you notice the several tips that have been mentioned above.