Having Happy Vacation in Kiluan Bay
Kiluan Bay

Having Happy Vacation in Kiluan Bay

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Having Happy Vacation in Kiluan BayMost of the people all around the world want to visit Indonesia because Indonesia is rich of nature and culture. There are also many cool destinations where backpackers love to see. Kiluan Bay, for instance, has been the famous tour destinations among the travelers globally.

Kiluan Bay is a place where you are able to see the wild dolphins freely with your eyes. Although this place is kind of a small village, it has several other interesting places to challenge.

Having Happy Vacation in Kiluan Bay
Kiluan Bay


About Kiluan Bay

You must be wondered why Kiluan Bay is so much popular among people. Well, this is because this place has several natural beauties which will be explained below.

  1. Dolphin tour.
    As it has been told before, in Kiluan Bay, you would be able to see the dolphin as close as it is possible. To make it real, you need to charter the boat like the Jukung or the Bercadik boat for instance, from the local people there. Usually, your dolphin tour will start at 6 a.m so that you have to get up earlier.

    Having Happy Vacation in Kiluan Bay
    Dolphin tour
  2. Turtle nest.
    There, in Kiluan Bay, it is very possible to see the sea turtle that is about to lay the eggs on the ground around the bay. There are two kinds of turtle existed; they are the hawksbill turtle and the green sea turtle.
  3. Swimming and snorkeling.
    In Kiluan Bay, you can go swimming and snorkeling to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea in depth. Find many various fish species along with the coral reefs below the surface of the sea.
  4. Fresh air.
    Enjoy your day by sunbathing or sitting on the beach while breathing the fresh air in Kiluan Bay. The beautiful white sandy beach is perfect sightseeing. You may, if it is possible, see the sunset and go fishing, too.

    Having Happy Vacation in Kiluan Bay
    Kiluan Bay

What to mention 

If you are about to visit Kiluan Bay, you need to mention several things to enjoy your stay.

  1. Food.
    To get the energy, of course, you need to eat foods. However, in Kiluan Bay, the restaurant or food stand near the bay is rare. Therefore, you need to bring your own foods. Well, this will be the different case if you stay at the hotel, though.
  2. The road.
    The road to Kiluan Bay is not all in good condition. It is dangerous to drive along a narrow, bumpy road by your own self so that you need to hire the car plus the professional driver. You need to think of the season before visiting Kiluan Bay because, during the rainy season, the road may be flooded out.
  3. The stay. If you are from the distant city, you need to stay for one or two night in the hotel or tourist resort. There are many resorts available. Of course, you need to choose one which has excellent facilities but cost inexpensive.

In the end, in Kiluan Bay, you need to protect your electricity like a phone or small tablet PC since it can be damaged easily by the water splash.