Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park

Indonesian Komodo National Park

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Indonesian Komodo National Park – Indonesia is one of the countries which become very well-known among tourists in the world. That is because you will find many specific things which you cannot see in other countries except in Indonesia. Komodo National Park, for instance, can be found only in Indonesia.

Not only famous of its extinct-to-be animal but Indonesia also has tourist travels which may also be popular. Komodo national park has to be the place which people surely want to go and experience as well.

About Komodo Island

If you are confused why Komodo Park is top travel destination because it’s the first time for you visiting Indonesia, here is information of Komodo national park that might be the best for you to visit.

  1. World heritage list.
    Komodo, the giant lizard, does not exist in no-where-else except Indonesia. It becomes the animal of dinosaur era which is able to live till now while the others were extinct. UNESCO chooses Komodo Park as the world heritage because it brings a historical importance which may be good for the scientists to study the evolution theory.

    Komodo National Park
    Komodo National Park
  2. Beautiful sceneries.
    Komodo Park must not only be famous of its Komodo dragon but also its sceneries. There, you might find beautiful sceneries including the blue water, white beaches, savanna, and mangroves. You can also experience diving and snorkeling there. The beach there is not only beautiful but also rich of the sea animals and coral reef.
  3. Seafood.
    Find the food stalls that sell the seafood at an inexpensive price. Of course, the seafood sold must be fresh because they are being caught directly from the sea by the fisherman. It is possible for you to ask the seller to cook the seafood by your own self to make such an unforgettable moment.
  4. Batu Cermin cave.
    In Komodo Island, you can see the other well-known attractions like Batu Cermin cave. Even though the cave is beautiful, Batu Cermin must be same as the other caves; it is a place where the mosquitoes exist. Therefore, make sure you use the lotion before exploring Batu Cermin cave.

    Komodo National Park
    Batu Cermin cave


Things that you need to consider in visiting Komodo Park.

Once you want to start visiting Komodo Island, you must mention many things. Here are things that you have to notice before visiting Komodo national park.

  1. Safety.
    As a wild animal, Komodo will attack anyone tries to get too close to it. Therefore, it is safe to create enough distance to see Komodo. Do not walk alone. Listen to the warnings available. If it is needed, stay close to your guide.
  2. A place to stay.
    Before deciding to go to the Komodo Island, it is a must for you to book the place where you will stay like hotel or motel. Labuanbajo might be the best place to stay because it requires cheap cost but good in quality.
  3. Best time.
    Choosing the wrong time must create such uncomfortable condition. In summer, for instance, the weather is hot that may make you sweat a lot. In rainy, it is unsafe because the land is wet and it could be slippery. January to March would be the best time to visit Komodo Island.


After reading the information on Komodo national park, hopefully, you will be able to enjoy your holiday.