Kaget Island on South Kalimantan

Kaget Island on South Kalimantan

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Kaget Island on South Kalimantan  – Kaget Island is actually a delta which lies in the middle of the river called Barito. This island is located in the Kuala Barito City, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. There are many people interested in visiting this island because there are many exotic animal attractions.

Kaget Island on South Kalimantan

Kaget Island has to be the place that is famous for kind of Bekatan (Nasalis Larvatus). Bekatan is kind of monkey that has a red face, long nose, and bloated belly. By the local people, Bekatan is mentioned as the Dutch monkey because of its characteristics that have been mentioned before.

Kaget Island on South Kalimantan
Bekantan, Kaget Island

Kaget Island in details

If you are confused why Kaget Island becomes one of the suggested destinations, you must read the details below.

  1. The nature reserve of Bekatan.
    Bekatan now is an extinct animal due to the evil human being who cuts and destroys its habitat. Fortunately, in Kaget Island, Bekatan is protected as well as becomes the nature reserve by the government. Even, Bekatan has been the mascot there. Well, if you visit this island, you might experience the wildlife of monkeys there.
  2. Beautiful birds.
    Are you by chance a bird lover? If yes, then, you need to visit Kaget Island because you will be able to see beautiful wild birds in various species. Discover the exotic wildlife of birds there, in that island. You might take a photograph if you want.
  3. Floating houses.
    On Kaget Island, you must wonder about seeing the extinct birds and Bekatan. Yet, you might also get surprised of finding the floating houses exist along the Barito River. The floating houses have the unique design which is made specifically to be symmetric and balanced.
  4. Local fruits.
    If you want to bring something home, it is good enough to buy the local fruits of Kaget Island like durian, rambutan, pineapple, etc. Though these fruits are similar, it could have different taste from the fruits on your town. These may taste sweeter, fresher, and more delicious.


Things you must avoid

If you have already been in Kaget Island, you must mention many things. There are several things that you are prohibited from doing.

  1. Feeding the animal.
    You might be an animal lover, but once you get there, on this island, you must keep your manner by not feeding the animals. This is because the animals live in the nature reserve which has been matched suitably to their wild nature.
  2. Throwing garbage.
    Kaget Island is clean from the trash or the waste. Therefore, you must not throw the garbage everywhere. This is because your action might harm the forest, the river or the other places you throw your bins.
  3. Catching the birds.
    Sometimes, some people really want to take a selfie with the birds. Then, they start finding the birds. Well, you cannot do this because you might hurt the birds. If you want to take a picture, you can do it without needing to catch the birds.

That’s about Kaget Island; hopefully, this information can be useful for they who need the reference about this island.