Nyambu Village
Nyambu Village

Nyambu Village Destination

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Nyambu Village DestinationHave you ever gone to Bali? If yes, you must always think about visiting Nyambu village there. This village is kind of a must-place to visit when you want to have such a fantastic destination. Nyambu village is located in Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia.

Nyambu Village
Nyambu Village

The Nyambu village has been getting more popular among people even the foreign ones. This village is opened for the general since last year, 2016. There is a special thing you can get here, in this village. You will be able to know much about the tradition in Bali.


Special attractions of Nyambu village

Nyambu village is almost liked by most of the travelers inside and outside Indonesia because it offers many interesting attractions which will be explained below.

  1. Rice paddy fields.
    Nyambu Village
    Nyambu Village

    Have you ever imagined you can take a walk around the rice paddy field? Well, you can make your wish comes true once you are in Nyambu village. This is because this village has a specific program to guide anyone to walk around the paddy field while giving information about the system exists called the Subak.

  2. Tradition and culture tour.
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    Nyambu Village

    In Nyambu village, you will have a tour about the tradition and the culture of the village’s existence. Mostly, the guide will talk about the history of Balinese temples but you can also experience its tradition like Canang, the form of prayer to God by rounding the temple and putting the flowers there.

  3. Painting class.
    If you want to be able to draw as well as paint it, you would better take the painting class in Nyambu village. This could be an enjoyable activity because you can relax your brain for a while. Exactly, the painting class will be handled by the locals
  4. Traditional dances.
    In this Nyambu village, there are many local Balinese dances that you might be interested in learning it if you want. Anyway, most of the traditional dances in Bali use the traditional music instruments like angklung, rebana, seruling, etc.


Things to mention

If you would like to go to the Nyambu village, you need to notice mention several things first. Here are things you need to notice.

  1. Religion.
    Most of the people in Bali are Buddhism. It means that they believe in the worship of many gods and goddesses, the spirit of the person or creature dies, etc. Even though you have different religion because you are Muslims, for instance, you must not judge or blame them.
  2. Food.
    Again, because the people live in Nyambu village are Buddhism, you will find no sausage or beef, or many other types of meat. However, the fish, crab, shrimp or other seafood might be available. Of course, you will eat them with rice, since it is the main food in Nyambu village.
  3. Homestay.
    If you decide to stay in the village for two to three nights, it is a must to look for the homestay. Homestay is less expensive than hotel or motel. Also, you can experience socializing with the locals all day.
  4. Budget.
    Of course, you need money to book the home stay, buy foods and drinks, purchase clothes or souvenirs, etc. Therefore, it would be very useful to create the budget to organize and avoid spending much money.

Nyambu village may not have many cool destinations but still, this village has such a special thing which attracts the attraction of the people.