Popular Parangloe Waterfall
Parangloe Waterfall

Popular Parangloe Waterfall

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Popular Parangloe WaterfallThere are many famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. Most of the destinations are about the mountains or beaches. Thus, there is also destination like waterfall exists in Indonesia. Parangloe Waterfall now is getting more and more popular among people both domestic and foreign people outside.

Popular Parangloe Waterfall
Parangloe Waterfall

The Parangloe Waterfall must be located in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is about 10 minutes from the Makassar City. If you want to go to this waterfall, you can go there easily. You can pass Goa to Malino. Then, when you have visited in Bili-bili, ask the local people for the way to Parangloe Waterfall. You can reach this waterfall by on foot.

The waterfall of Parangloe is incredibly beautiful because it has beautiful light gray rock; the rock’s color sometimes is white too, though. Well, there are many other Parangloe’s charms offered to anyone else.

If you are going to visit the famous Parangloe Waterfall, once you must notice of the info about this waterfall. Parangloe Waterfall must include the waterfall’s existence. You can feel that this waterfall has a strong stream. The water is so cool and clear. Therefore, you might be able to take a bath there. The height of this waterfall is 20 meters.

Popular Parangloe Waterfall
Route to Parangloe Waterfall

Besides you can enjoy the beauty of Parangloe Waterfall in Gowa, you also can enjoy the other places near this waterfall. There are Takapala Waterfall, Cinta Waterfall, Tanralili Cave, Sultan Hasanuddin Museum, and the other interesting tourism objects.

Things to mention to

There are many tips about Parangloe Waterfall that you must pay attention to. Here are things you have to mention.

  1. Slipper or sandal. To explore this beauty of Parangloe Waterfall, you need to not only walk but also climb the limestone. Of course, the street will be very slippery so that it is a must for you to wear the sandal or slipper so that you will not fall.
  2. Time. Do not visit Parangloe waterfall on holiday because this place will be so crowded. Be aware of the season, too. Do not wish to see butterflies if you go to this place during the rainy season.
  3. Hotel. If Parangloe Waterfall is very far from your home, you need to stay overnight there. There are many different hotels available. Yet, the Parangloe and Wisma Parangloe hotel are the famous ones because they have excellent facilities and cost less expensive.

Tips for going there

You should pay attention the best time for going to Parangloe in in the dry season. Don’t come to this place in the rainy season because the slick stones make you slipping under the waterfall easily.

That is all about Parangloe Waterfall which might be useful information to anyone who needs it. Plan your trip well to go to this waterfall. You also can come to some other places near this area. Indonesia is so wonderful place. You must explore some those beautiful places to get the exciting vacation. Happy vacation and hopefully you will get the exciting and unforgettable experience.