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Several Things to Do In Singaraja

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Several Things to Do In Singaraja – As a backpacker, you must want to visit great, cheap destination in Indonesia. Singaraja might be the best place in Bali to experience. There, you will be able to do many tourism attractions. There are several things to do in Singaraja alone by yourself.

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The things to do in Singaraja must be varied; yet, they all can be enjoyable as you do the attractions private. Personal attraction tour will let you experience the great destination without anyone tries to disturb you.

What to do in Singaraja

Have you ever questioned what things to do in Singaraja once you have arrived there? Well, here are several attractions to do in Singaraja.

  1. Surfing.
    In Singaraja, you can do surfing. There are two kinds of surfing which you can experience, kite surfing and windsurfing. Except you do surfing, you can do jet skiing or waterskiing to know the detail about it.

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  2. Wildlife and nature tour.
    Singaraja is famous because it has rich nature. Enjoy the wildlife and tour nature of Singaraja once you get there. Do not worry about being alone because you will be accompanied by the local to guide you.
  3. Climbing.
    Do you love climbing or hiking the mountain? If yes, then, in Singaraja, you would be able to climb the mountain exists. Of course, you need to prepare for the tools needed because it is impossible to climb the mount without any preparation.
  4. Gift and specialty shop.
    Do you want to give your family or your friends the gift? Then, you need to go to the specialty shop to get such any wonderful item you want to purchase.


Things to pay attention to

There are several tips about things to do in Singaraja that you must pay attention to. Here are things to notice you.

  1. Vehicle.
    Are you a traveler who lives far away from Bali? Then, you need to go to Singaraja by bus or train. If you are rich, you can go there by plane. You are not allowed to bring your vehicle to avoid from being too exhausted. Bringing the personal vehicle could also be useless because sometimes, you need to take the traditional vehicle there to do culinary.
  2. Homestay.
    Homestay is the only way to find a less expensive but very beneficial place to live in. That is because you will be able not only to save your expenses but also to be a part of a family member there.
  3. Foods.
    After arriving in the Singaraja, you must want to search for the culinary there. You will be able to get the special local foods like Putu. You must make sure the food is healthy and considered halal for Muslim if you are Muslim. Remember, the majority of Bali is Hinduism.
  4. Money.
    Every time you have a journey, you must need and spend much money. Therefore, it is good to bring cash with the ATM so that once you do not have money anymore; you can draw your money by using your credit card.

Those several things to do in Singaraja must be able to make you enjoy your destination’s visiting.