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Surabaya Old City

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Surabaya Old CityVacation meant being happy is a must hence you could spend your time by traveling somewhere out there joyfully. Many places offer you a lot of beautiful tourist objects.  Decide it what you really want then come to visit it. You are free to choose which one you like. Indonesia has many beautiful choices one of them is the big city, Surabaya.

It is located in East Java, known as a famous city in Indonesia. It has many great tourists object which makes you are not patient for exploring. You are bored for visiting beach or hiking in the mountains, so it is time to go in a new place. One of the interesting places can be chosen in Surabaya is Surabaya old city.

Why you must choose Surabaya

Travel to Indonesia

The power to attract traveler visit the tourist object is the magnificent place. Exactly that will become the reason why some tourist object will be so crowded in a long holiday. It must be the most visited place to be sought.  Surabaya old city has the great magnet to gain the visitor to enjoy their day during a holiday.

People question the reasons why they have to visit it, and the answer is because of the historical reason. Dutch has a great influence because of giving particular impact to this city so that the city becomes so interesting place today. Though history records that there were many wars happened when independence war of Indonesia a long time ago. It might be the worst true Indonesia story has ever had.

Explore tourist object in Surabaya

A popularity of tourist object attracts the traveler to visit it. Some people tend to choose famous tourist object, yet others don’t. If you have a great desire to explore Surabaya, don’t forget to make some adventures in Surabaya old city.

Travel to Indonesia

  • The architecture.
    There is a particular characteristic of Dutch building in Indonesia. The building is so strong. Dutch architecture has sturdy buildings that make them long lasting. The durability becomes the historical story. The great building material makes the building still exist till now.  It symbolizes how an old building means many things for the future. Some Old Dutch building has still been being used till now, for example, using for a post office, a Bank, a government office and another building.
  • A place for taking a photograph.
    Time to take a photograph becomes the favorite moment.  People love to do it, and it has also become a favorite activity for young people. They are a taking photograph everywhere and every time. They capture their special moment using the best background. A Much old building can make the photograph becomes stunning.
  • Culinary time.
    Enjoy the traditional food in Surabaya. Some places have different traditional food. Culinary time make your vacation more interesting. Don’t forget to taste the delicious traditional food in Surabaya. It might be the good memory after going home. Or the idea to bring home the traditional food can be done.

Travel to Indonesia


People fond of traveling in a lot of new places but there must be something unique that can be got from every place we have visited.