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Sangalaki Island

The Beautiful Sangalaki Island

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The Beautiful Sangalaki IslandIf you wish to see a wide species of sea animal, you would better go to Indonesia. Sangalaki Island becomes one of the islands in Indonesia which is getting more and more popular among people globally. This island is the heaven of the manta rays.

Travel to Indonesia
Sangalaki Island

Sangalaki Island is located in the Derawan Archipelago, Berau, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. This island offers not only the manta rays but also the other exotic biodiversity which you may not imagine before. If you love adventure, Sangalaki island will be the best destination to visit.


What to do

Once you have arrived in Sangalaki island, you can do many things like the things which will be explained below to you.

  1. Diving.
    If you love diving or snorkeling, you can consider going to Sangalaki Island. There, you can dive and experience directly the underwater scenery like the coral reef, fish, etc. What makes the Sangalaki Island special is that you can dive along with the manta rays around you. Do not be afraid of seeing the manta rays because they will not attack you. Except for the manta rays, you can also find the rare jellyfish.
  2. Playing with turtles.
    Have you ever got jealous of seeing people play with the babies of the turtle? Then, you have to come to Sangalaki Island. There, you can learn how green and hawksbill turtles lay their eggs and hide them in the ground. You could also see directly the babies of the turtle before born. In Sangalaki island, you can release the turtles’ baby to the ocean, too.
  3. Taking the starfish.
    Take the children with you, ask them to take the starfish along the coastline. Then, you can tell them all the specific information about starfish in order to educate them in a funny way.
  4. Enjoying the sunset.
    At noon, you can see the gorgeous sunset there. While enjoying the sunset, you can eat some popular local disk like Mie Goreng. For lunch, you can join the local people catch the fresh fish or seafood to eat.


Things that you need to consider in visiting Sangalaki Island.

If you would like to visit Sangalaki island, you must pay attention to many things. Here are things that you have to notice before visiting the island.

Travel to Indonesia
Sangalaki Island


  1. A stay.
    Well, if you have decided to visit the Sangalaki island, it is a must for you to search for the place to stay. There are many kinds of a stay offered including the hotel or motel. Of course, the motel is different from the hotel. If you want to get a cheap stay, the motel will be the right choice. Yet, if you would like to get the stay where offers completed facilities, you’d better choose the hotel.
  2. Budget.
    When you want to go vacation, exactly, you will spend much money. Therefore, it is a must to consider the budget so that you can organize how much money you need. If it is possible, think of doing the activities in Sangalaki island within your budget.
  3. Cash.
    Sometimes, you need the cash to buy drinks, foods, or even souvenirs. Make sure you bring enough cash because there is no ATM or credit card option in this Sangalaki island.

After reading the information about Sangalaki island, hopefully, you will be able to enjoy your destination there.