Pangandaran Beach
Pangandaran Beach

What can you do in Pangandaran Beach?

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What can you do in Pangandaran Beach?Talking about the beach is always wonderful. Beach can be the best place for everyone to enjoy their holiday. Are you the one who like the scenery of beach? Well, As a maritime country, Indonesia has big water area.

Indonesian waters are as incredible as international waters. There are so many beaches which are the place for fisherman to work. The scenery of Indonesian beach is marvelous. You can see stunning sunrise and beautiful sunset there. So, you can go to one of the lovely beaches in Indonesia named Pangandaran Beach. Have you ever heard about it?

Where is the location of Pangandaran Beach?

Pangandaran Beach is located in Java island, precisely in the south of Ciamis Regency. This beach is always full of visitors, especially on holidays. There are many visitors come from somewhere to spend their holiday in Pangandaran Beach. There are many peculiarities of Pangandaran Beach so that many people like it.

  • You can see the fabulous beach with its beautiful white sand
  • There are many beach guards and rescuers which will always take care of the visitors
  • Beautiful sunrise and fantastic sunset can be seen clearly from this beach
  • The beach is shallow so that you can swim with your friends and your family safely. Besides, the water is very clean and pure
  • If you like snorkeling, you can do it to see how amazing the garden sea with so many fishes

With so many activities you can do in Pangandaran Beach, many people like to go there. You can do swimming, fishing, cycling, parasailing, and so many activities more.

Pangandaran Beach
Pangandaran Beach

The visitors is not only can do many activities to close with this beach. However, there are so many interesting places to visit such as souvenir shop, beautiful natural cave, and another beach near it.

If you visit Pangandaran, you can drop in Pananjung Pangandaran Beach. This beach is located in the west of Pangandaran. The wave is not too big as the wave in Pangandaran. It is not the only beach you can enjoy there. You can see animals such deer, monkeys, and so many animals which are protected.

There is also great natural cave as which used to be protecting the area for Indonesian people in World War II. So, you can see around it to learn more about Indonesian history. Walking around there, you can go to the lovely waterfall. However, you can go to the hill to see how beautiful Pangandaran Beach from the high.

Pangandaran Beach
Pangandaran Beach

Well, all of them you can get in Pangandaran Beach. So, how is the route to go there? It is not difficult to come to Pangandaran. If you come from Jakarta, you can go by bus from Jakarta to Ciamis. Or, if you like to travel by plane, you can star from Halim Perdana Kusuma airport to Nusawiru Pangandaran Airport.

So, prepare yourself to get the fantastic view of Pangandaran Beach. Invite your friend and your family to come with you. Create the amazing new story of your holiday in the spectacular Pangandaran Beach.