Wonderful Place of Crocodile Farm in Teritip
Crocodile Farm in Teritip

Wonderful Place of Crocodile Farm in Teritip

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Wonderful Place of Crocodile Farm in TeritipWhen talking about Teritip, people surely must know it. Teritip is very famous due to its crocodile farm. A crocodile farm in Teritip is located in East Balik Papan, Kalimantan, Indonesia. This farm actually had been begun since 1990.

A crocodile farm in Teritip cannot be separated by the existence of the crocodile. This farm used to be a place to breed the crocodile for the business of bag from crocodile skin. Yet, now, this place has been for tourist attraction where all people can visit this farm to see the crocodile directly.

Wonderful Place of Crocodile Farm in Teritip
Crocodile Farm in Teritip


About Crocodile Farm

As the new person who wants to visit Teritip, you should know the info about it, first. Here is the detailed information about crocodile farm in Teritip that might be useful.

  1. Crocodile
    The main reason why people want to go to Teritip is that of the crocodile. In Teritip, there are three kinds of the crocodile. They are saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus), false gharial crocodile (Tamistoma Scheillius) and freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus Siamlisus). You might be amazed by seeing the crocodile because it can grow by half-meter to ten meters.
  2. Other animal attraction
    Despite the crocodile, even though they do not become the main ones, there are also other animal attractions including the elephant, snake, and monkey which might entertain you.
  3. Food feeding
    Well, if you really want to feed the crocodile, you can do it. In Teritip, you are allowed to feed the fresh crocodile chicken in case you have already paid the fee. Feel free to feed the baby crocodiles or the grown large ones.
  4. Facilities
    Because there are many visitors, of course, the company which manages this farm offers the services to them. The facilities provided will include the food stall, gift shop, shelter, parking area and toilet. In Teritip, it is possible for you to taste the local food like the roasted crocodile’s meat.


Wonderful Place of Crocodile Farm in Teritip
Crocodile Farm in Teritip


What to consider

To make sure that your journey of visiting crocodile farm in Teritip enjoyable, you have to think several things that will be explained below.

  1. Safety
    Like a wild animal, crocodiles will attack anyone tries to get too close to. Crocodile is very dangerous because it is powerful and move very fast that it suddenly can be near you. Therefore, it is a must to keep the distance between you and the crocodile.
  2. Money
    You will spend money once you decide to visit Teritip. You need to pay the fee to enter the farm. You also would spend your money to pay the hotel, buy the foods and drinks, etc. You, therefore, need to make a budget to organize spending much money.
  3. A stay to live
    Visiting Teritip Crocodile farm is okay. However, if your home is pretty far away, you might want to remain at the motel or hotel for one or two nights. You need to pay more in the hotel than the motel, but you will get excellent services and facilities there.

That’s all about crocodile farm in Teritip which is hopefully useful for people especially they who want to see the wild alligator in the natural cage.